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"This was a great, quick read with complex characters and an interesting supernatural element. We follow five main characters who are acting out their destiny without realizing it as they find themselves inexplicably drawn together to save humanity. Each character has a rich backstory and each has suffered but still finds the power to see the good in the world. I really liked the use of the visions and them being magically linked to each other and seeing flashes of the others involved in the Legacy throughout their lives. There are a lot of twists in the story that are well foreshadowed without broadcasting what to expect when the reveal shows up, but still makes sense within the story. Overall, a good read about what it means to be human and love and protect each other."

"The Legacy is a complex story that weaves the fates of several strangers into a thrilling conclusion. A dying man, a mysterious woman with a foggy past, and a tortured child are among the intriguing characters whose lives are intertwined to maintain the balance of the earth. This book jumps right into the action, and you'll spend a few chapters getting to know the characters before the pace picks up and the plot gets intense. These characters are complex, and you won't be sure of their motives right away! (I hate a book I can figure out immediately.) There are several surprises as you approach the conclusion that will keep you reading because you must know how it ends..."

"In Mark Snyder Jr.‘s debut novel, The Legacy, a group of strangers’ lives become intertwined as they embark on an exciting journey with many twists and an unexpected ending. I’d recommend this enjoyable read for 16+ readers. I can see high- school-age readers connecting to the many characters in The Legacy as well as adult readers."

"Great read if you're looking for suspenseful fantasy. Engaging characters and interesting twists to the very end! Highly recommend. Looking forward to the next one!"

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